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19 Feb 2014

Schonherr A/S, BIG & Rambøll unveil major climate adaptation scheme for Kokkedal

The team of Schonherr A/S, Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) and Rambøll has been selected for a €15.8m development in Kokkedal, Denmark to reduce the effects of widespread flooding. The masterplan presented by the team includes a school, daycare centre, shopping centre, sports centre and homes for 3,000 people.

Supporting this new community is a complex system for managing rainwater and controlling flooding in the area in light of the adverse affects of heavy rainfall over the past few years. Noted as the largest climate adaptation scheme in Denmark thus far, the project is already off to a positive start with work beginning onsite in late 2013.

Kokkedal is a coastal settlement approximately 30km north of Copenhagen. The region has been badly hit by flooding in recent years with sewers no longer able to cope with the rainfall and water collecting in public spaces, unable to be absorbed by the sodden ground.

As a result, several housing associations in the town pooled their resources and, supported by a €5.4m donation from Realdania, initiated a design competition to find a viable solution. The winning concept will see a new system of water channels redirect 95% of the town’s surface water into lakes and hollows instead of the sewer system.

“Water is the basis for all life, but until recently water in the context of buildings was simply regarded as something we had to get rid of. With this project we want to show how water can become the main character in a new social narrative - a narrative about possibilities and social interaction,” explains Torben Schonherr, Senior Partner at Schonherr.

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