The Barcelona Office

19 Feb 2014

A key element of the brief was to showcase the properties of the VELCRO® brand product and to incorporate into the space objects that were designed using VELCRO® brand materials, highlighting their properties and their uses. This includes VELCRO® brand lampshades that use ONE-WRAP® Fasteners and space dividers that use ONE-WRAP® Ties to a Velcro® Map, that uses Velcro® coins. The other element of the brief was to be able to translate VELCRO® brand values to the space. Through the natural materials, open and transparent spaces, clean, modern materials combined with Velcro® Brand objects - the space was defined to truly capture the brand essence.

Velcro Industries wanted to convey the new values of the VELCRO® brand through the use of open, transparent spaces. The goal was to achieve a creative, modern, and dynamic environment, including movable walls that combine spaces and a bright, upbeat atmosphere where white dominates with a few splashes of colour. The incorporation of VELCRO® products throughout the area has made it possible to create large, transparent spaces that encourage dialogue between people, spaces and light.

Designed by Luis Eslava & Lorena Sauras, the redesign of the office space was the first in a series of office renovations including Boston, MA and Manchester, NH which has just gotten underway.

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