Sommelier's Home in Budapest

18 Feb 2014

Characterful family home designed for Sommelier in the hills of Budapest

The latest residential scheme by Sándor Dúzs & Architema Ltd, Lajos Kuknyó is a light-filled family home in the suburban hills of Budapest. Designed for a four-person family, the residence is defined by its geometric lines and generous window panes which bathe the interior volumes with light during the day and frame the internal workings at night.

The design by Sándor Dúzs & Architema Ltd, Lajos Kuknyó puts functionality at the core of this property, home to a Sommelier and their family. As a result, the ground floor blurs the borders between the breakfast room, dining hall and living room with architectural solutions rather than solid walls.

One of these dividing elements is a grey tiled pillar that envelops a fireplace, splitting the duplex living room into separate entities. As a result, the onlooker’s eye is drawn upwards to the library and gallery space on the first storey, visible through a glass barrier. Also on the first storey are the bedrooms and associated bathrooms and dressing areas.  

Given the occupation of the resident’s client, it only seems right that the property benefit from its own private wine cellar. This specially-designed wine shelf has been separated by glazed wall in the cellar so as to retain a constant temperature while the residents enjoy the nearby pizza over. A custom-built sauna can also be found on this floor.

Architema was also responsible for the interior design. The team has generated a gradient throughout the building with the darker shades contained to the cellar flooring and rough oak surfaces on the lowest level, elegant greys dominating the ground floor and tones of beige and chalk-white leading the palette on the first floor.  

Lajos Kuknyó, the Principal Partner of Architema Studio says of the firm’s approach: “The quality of the space in which we live, work and improve our minds shapes our character fundamentally. As architects, we shape space, but then that space shapes us. This is what makes us think that quality architecture is always justified.

“The realisation of a plan for most people is an immense challenge. We endeavour to create reality from dreams by using the experience and expertise we gain while designing and constructing.” 


Architects: Sándor Dúzs & Architema Ltd, Lajos Kuknyó
Interior Design: Architéma Ltd. ; Lajos Kuknyó, Gabriella Krúzs, Gábor Lipták
Construction work: Architema Ltd ; Lajos Kuknyó
Photographer: Tamás Bujnovszky

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