Corporate Headquarters in Pisa

17 Feb 2014

The computer company 3logic reorganised its headquarters in the heart of the historic centre of Pisa, recovering the space of the old rectory in the church of San Frediano. The place consists of a linear succession of four spaces: a hallway, a large room, a small room and some storage rooms characterised by high ceilings. The natural light comes from the large windows in the upper part of the south wall, facing the cloister.

These conditions didn't allow a rational management and distribution of functions according to the needs of the client. Additionally, the historical ambiances did not allow modification of the existing space, thus the new office is entirely designed around a large furniture unit in which the main required functions are located: an archive, a small lab, equipped walls and shelves.

Most of the working stations find their place on a mezzanine created on the top of the main unit. A wide staircase gives access to this area, acting also as an informal place to sit and have a break during the day.

The aim of a comfortable working space is pursued through some sliding elements, with a concept similar to a table football game: three big tables on wheels can be pulled out of the main unit in order to add further desks on the lower floor. The professional environment so reconfigured is no longer a simple passage, but becomes a real path, workspace or research lab according to the needs of the moment.

This core becomes a unique architectural element, which follows the visitor from the entrance to the meeting room. As you enter the space, the furniture unit also hosts the front desk, which includes a small kitchen corner, and hides the toilets. The predominant material is wood. The panels of the cabinet, treated with a neutral finishing, present some colour spots in the two different rooms: orange niches and desks in the working room and a green table and accessories in the meeting room. A continuous dark wood floor enhances the high white walls.

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