Breuninger Headquarter Administration Level

17 Feb 2014

The department store retailer Breuninger, which during the 130 years of company history has transformed from a department store to a lifestyle brand, is renowned for its trend awareness and sense of quality. The same high standards of quality have now also been applied to the design of the office spaces on the 5th floor of the original company building at Rathausplatz, in downtown Stuttgart.

The previous administration covers one level above the central section of the building, the connecting building and dome structure, as well as above the high-rise building and the extension of the high-rise. It is characterized by many different building sections, annexes and refurbished sections. There was no longer a recognizable unity.

The redesign of the Breuninger administration level forms an open office landscape with a prestigious reception area. A strip of lounge areas and communication zones runs through the office landscape and these areas can be used as additional meeting zones and distribution hubs for the adjacent work zones. The meeting and conference rooms are autonomous elements within the office zones. The newly-clad stairwells form the only limiting wall elements in the otherwise open area.

Due to the different needs of the various departments, such as the buying department and the marketing department, of their working space and especially of the appropriate storage space, a special modular cabinet system was developed for the Breuninger administration. Each employee can set up his workspace with a personal rolling drawer unit and an open stationary cupboard, adjustable in height and equipment to the individual requirements.



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