i2i Events Group

13 Feb 2014

The brief was to create a vibrant office within which i2i could launch their new brand, identity and independence; the key drivers were to provide a cost effective, efficient, open and dynamic workspace. In response to this brief Create Interior Design worked with i2i to transform an unusually quirky property in Paddington to accommodate their business needs and provide a space which exemplified their brand.

The redundant industrial unit had stood empty for over 2 years before Create seized on the opportunity to convert its use into office accommodation, they designed and redefined the use of the space, providing accommodation for 400 people. New policies to change the current work strategies were integrated into the design, facilitating desk sharing and flexible activity based working, allowing i2i room for growth.

Their approach was to develop a design language which embraced the scale and strong industrial feel of the existing architecture, making it work by introducing new zones to make the space to feel lively, warm and inviting. The planning strategy was to create a collaborative hub around the central light-well, whilst the natural light opportunities which exist around the perimeter were utilised for the team spaces.

The use of glass bricks to construct a monolith reception desk and allow borrowed light to penetrate into the internal meeting rooms help to integrate the design with the architecture. The exposed concrete soffit and services installation provide strong features, whilst bright accents of vibrant colour highlight the space; specifically new industrial features such as the spiral staircase, which provides a vital link generating connectivity between the accommodation levels.

By combining the lower rental costs and the economical interior design, i2i have acquired an office which exceeded their expectations in both cost terms and the positive impact on the business and its employees; through visionary design and by understanding the businesses needs Create have transformed this dark industrial unit into a fun, vibrant, exciting and unique workspace.

31,500 sq. ft

Kingdom Studios, Paddington

i2i Events Group

Completed February 2013

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United Kingdom
Interior Commercial Offices

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