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13 Feb 2014

Latitude Studio creates showroom for future shopping mall development in Beijing

The Daxing Shopping Mall Showroom by Latitude Studio in Beijing is conceived as a journey for the visitor through an exhibition space. It starts with the reception of the guest; continues through an auditorium; display areas with 1:1 scale mock-ups; resting zone and finishes with the outlook of the future shopping mall building next by from the highest terrace. The core purpose of the showroom is to demonstrate what a shopping mall on the neighbouring plot will look like and how it will function when its construction completes.

The journey starts in the north façade of the first floor. This floor contains meeting rooms, office space and a whole atrium surrounded by a replica retail façade. The atrium in the first floor works as interpretation of the common areas of the future shopping mall. Besides these main functions, there is also a reception and numerous waiting areas.

The atrium consists of a spiral staircase which travels up the building following a thematic sightseeing walk. When the visitor arrives to the second floor, they will find an auditorium and a darkly-hued room with a physical model of the shopping mall. A terrace on the second floor works as a mock-up of the future landscape area and the main entrance to the mall, called ‘sunken plaza’. Before ascending to the third floor, the visitor also finds a double-height retail mock-up facing the triple-height atrium.

Once on the third floor, the visitor will be faced with a series of the mock-ups which represent different coffee shops. The third floor also has a terrace which is the final destination of the journey. From this terrace the visitor can look out over the shopping mall construction site.

The facade is finished with a ribbon-like concept similar to some areas of the future mall but with a swooping arch at the point of access to the building and the terraces. The dynamic façade gives a sense of constant movement to the building, reflecting the commercial activity that will take place in the area, and reflecting as well the dynamic feel of Beijing as a whole.

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