Studio for an Artist

10 Feb 2014

In an artist's central Tel Aviv apartment, Architect Raanan Stern has designed a versatile 20 sq. m studio workspace. The artist's varied family and personal collection includes 2d pieces dating from the 1940s to the present.  For this project, every piece that was to be stored was measured and then organised and ordered according to group, size and artistic connection.  After the organisational and calculation stage, four separate proportions were discovered that receive expression with each section of the workspace.

Every cell, cupboard or drawer was designed internally according to required proportions; only when a drawer is opened is the colourful mosaic of the storage section is revealed. In addition, different sections were planned and built for displaying and storing work, tools and materials. The smaller sections can be removed from the larger frame units and placed on the table during work. Removable sliding doors are actually pallets that pieces can be placed on for presentation or that can be used as modular easels.

The closets and units are made of white birch as well as the flooring which is covered in bright birch tiles. The wood was coated lightly in order to give a light and delicate feeling, but still retaining the slightly wizened look of natural wood in the work space. The artist uses the space to host colleagues and behind the sliding doors there is also a folding bed for the dual functionality of the room.

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