With consistent goals of drawing the minimalist line, working with suitable proportions and to leave space for the user, The Little White Apartment is a perfect example of all of these goals being reached, by Design Studio Z-AXIS DESIGN.

The design concept was to have extreme white colour throughout matched with bright multi-colour highlights. In this small apartment, Z-AXIS DESIGN used their skills to heighten visual effect. This can be seen in the use of pure white colour overall, the dinner table with one sided legs in the dining room, the light of the hallway, the transparent door of the study room, getting rid of space in the study to make room for the master bedroom closet and in the master bedroom, the pure white closet door with glossy design and elevating the wooden floor to create an embedded bed.

By reducing vision hindrance, the occupants have been given a small but vibrant space. Against the pure white tone, the coloured furniture becomes the main point of focus. These articles of carefully designed furniture are the details the studio wanted to draw attention to. The shoe cabinet next to the screen wall matches the blue DVD cabinet and the wooden colour matches the dark paint used in various spaces. Focusing on the design furniture and decorations with key colours, it is easy to forget the narrow feeling.

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