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Tuesday 21 Jan 2014

Latest phase of Gardens by the Bay enables children to learn through interactive play

The latest stage of the applauded Gardens by the Bay complex in Singapore opens today (Tuesday, 21 January 2014) with the 1-hectare Far East Organization Children’s Garden. Designed by the landscape architects behind the soaring Supertrees and masterplanners of the Bay South Garden Grant Associates, the Children’s Garden is a colourful explosion of educational play experiences for young people.

This is no ordinary playground, as Grant Associates’ Director Andrew Grant explains: “The Far East Organization Children’s Garden at Gardens by the Bay will create play opportunities that are not found elsewhere in Singapore that connect children to nature via technology, art and horticulture.”

Since its completion in June 2012, the award-winning Bay South Garden has been as popular with visiting adults and children as it has with architecture critics, with over 7 million visitors thus far. As part of its wider school and public educational programmes, the Gardens by the Bay now offers a new environment that helps visiting children to connect with horticulture through play.

In clear sight of the impressive Cooled Conservatories is the Water Play area, brought to life with Hydro Vaults, Water Splines and orchid-shaped splash buckets. This continually-changing interactive display also incorporates water tunnels and spouts for further entertainment plus the youngest of visitors are invited to play in the neighbouring Fish Fountain.

To bring children into closer contact with the plants and trees within the Garden through play, Grant Associates have introduced a pair of elevated treehouses into the rainforest trees, linked by ropewalks, ramps and slides for the children to explore. There are also telescopes, climbing nets and hammocks for active play. The Ficus plant can be found throughout this area due to its swift growth properties, further adding to the element of adventure and mystery.

A leaf-shaped canopy, external amphitheatre with concrete benches and a series of topiary pergola arches add a refined touch to this stimulating new playscape, providing quieter areas for the children to explore their luscious surroundings or for parents to relax while they investigate the site.

Dr. Kiat W. Tan, CEO of Gardens by the Bay concludes: “Words cannot express how pleased we are to offer children a special play area in Gardens by the Bay. This Children’s Garden is made possible by the strong support of Far East Organization, and cements our commitment to creating a People’s Garden with a green legacy for our future generations.”

Sian Disson
News Editor

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