Magic Bus opens Learning Pavilion

Wednesday 15 Jan 2014

Magic Bus children inaugurate the Laureus Learning Pavilion

Partly a building, partly a challenge course, the Laureus-sponsored Learning Pavilion, located on the Magic Bus Centre for Experiential Learning, is an interactive building used as a gathering space and play area for underprivileged children while they are on their weekend camps.

As the budget for the project was considerably low, the structure is designed such that it uses the least amount of materials with the maximum amount of covered, shaded spaces. This is accomplished through the use of steel columns and a lightweight roof, allowing the structure to remain open from all sides, bar the toilets and storage areas which provide support to the two deck areas.

This open structure creates a comfortable environment since the natural breeze flowing from the river will cool the covered spaces, and it allows the river to be experienced through the building from the sports field.

Access and circulation to the two decks on the upper floor is provided through the hilled topography, river access, as well as wooden climbing ladders. A custom-made ropes bridge suspended from the roof spans accross the two decks, making the pavilion a continuation of the challenge course at the Magic Bus Centre. The airy, double height spaces will be used as an activity zone to play games, watch soccer matches, build rafts, or just enjoy the shade.

Key Facts:

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