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Thursday 09 Jan 2014

Hong Kong-based Plot Architecture completes showroom for kitchen brand

Hong Kong-based architectural consultancy Plot Architecture recently completed a showroom for German kitchen brand Schüller in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, where the company is introducing its products for the first time.

The kitchen brand, which is distinguished by its simplicity of design and fine craftsmanship was founded in 1965. For its entry into the Hong Kong market, it required a platform which aligned with its philosophy for functionality and design.

The showroom, which was completed last August, comprises five kitchen zones, each creating a distinct environment.  A metal folding piece connects the zones in a sequence, and conceals the back-of-house area. 

Each fold presents a function in relation to the kitchen zone it serves.  The piece stands at the showroom entrance and begins as a reception counter.  It folds into a signage wall at the focal zone, then into a video wall at the meeting zone, and finishes as a transition portal between the brand's two product lines. 

The dark metal is used in its simplest form, to contrast with the products and to integrate into the setting, serving as an echo of the brand identity.

Hong Kong-based Plot Architecture was founded in 2012. The firm believes that spatial design can enrich everyday life.

"A well-designed environment not only stands as a platform to support the multitudinous events in the inhabitant's story, but also enhances the interactions between themselves and their surroundings," the company says.

"We are conscious of the material palette and concern ourselves with every detail and exploration of all possibilities of design elements and their compositions," it added.


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