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by Megan 09 December 2013
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    Working to refresh the existing retail store, the design creates continuity and flow within the lower level basement space whilst reflecting, and providing a backdrop to, the artisan nature of the product on display.

    An overall light and warm base tone was used within various materials and textures. This illuminates the space and delivers interplay of materials reflective of that achieved in the creation of jewellery.

    Neutral timber floorboards have been laid in angular sections to innovatively influence the flow of customers in the limited space.  This material wraps up the walls, ending as a stylised cityscape horizon line high on the perimeter walls referencing the location of the gallery in Melbourne's CBD.

    A central open wall incorporating a display unit is used to direct flow and promote order within the space.  This is further enhanced by the angled mirrors and pendant lighting.

    Sharp linear coloured highlights punctuate the space via the lighting and wall highlights.  These are interchangeable and, along with the wall cut-outs and areas within the central wall, allow the gallery owner to participate in the creation and evolution of the space

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