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8 firms for Çanakkale Antenna Tower

Shortlist for publically-accessible structure includes Snohetta, FR-EE & Sou Fujimoto

by Sian 06 December 2013

Eight teams have been shortlisted for a competition to design a 100m-high antenna tower in the Turkish town of Çanakkale. The seaport on Turkey’s far western edge is situated on the southern coast of the Dardanelles, the strait that connects the Aegean Sea and the Sea of Marmara.  

Out of 130 eligible submissions, a jury has selected the following eight teams to design the Çanakkale Antenna Tower with associated public facilities:

- Sou Fujimoto Architects
- Snohetta & Özer/Ürger Architects & Battle Mccarthy
- Ian Ritchie Architects & Arup
- AL__A
- Powerhouse Company & IND [Inter.National.Design]
- OLAF GIPSER & ARUP & Deniz Aslan
- FR-EE/Fernando Romero Enterprise & KOTU+MAPmx Studio & Werner Sobek

The brief, published by WAN’s Business Information Service, stipulated that alongside the technological requirements of a broadcasting tower, the structure must include public amenities for educational, recreational and exhibition use.

The ground floor will host the main entryway, information areas and exhibition space while any below ground space is to hold technical volumes and personnel rooms only.

Parking space is not to be included within the submissions but panoramic indoor and outdoor terraces are compulsory for maximum public enjoyment. As the antenna tower is to be located at the top of a hill within a national forest, visitors will be able to enjoy far-reaching views across the Dardanelles and surrounding wooded region.

Also stipulated in the brief is the need for recyclable energy and cost effective design solutions. The eight teams will submit their designs for consideration on 15 February 2014.   

The international competition for the future Çanakkale Antenna Tower is organised by the City of Çanakkale. The jury is comprised of City officials and international experts, including the Governor of Çanakkale Ahmet Çinar, Secreteray General Ayhan Gider, Caroline Bos from UNStudio and Louis Becker from Henning Larsen Architects. 

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