'Deliciously mad & completely refreshing'

21 Nov 2013

Award-winning design by atmos transforms private London residence by expanding inwards, rather than outwards

atmos’ sensual transformation of a modestly-sized home in Limehouse, London has experienced a flutter of award wins and television appearances celebrating its truly magical interior form. Described by the jury that selected Roominaroom for the Judges’ Special Award at Worldscape as ‘the extraordinary translation of a huge idea into a functional product’ and ‘deliciously mad and completely refreshing’, the inventive design has also won a UK Wood Award in the Small Project category where it’s ‘beautiful curves and delicate stairs’ were highly praised.

Of their majestic design, atmos details: “The clients for this small residential jewel have an expanding family but fixed walls. Since they couldn’t expand upwards or outwards, we had to build inwards. We designed a room within a room. The project was generated from simple but severe planometric and sectional constraints, literally growing from its context. Its volume tucks into a corner to take up minimum volume, yet its innards array to maximise the sense of interior spaciousness.”

The design takes both the current family situation and the future growth of the clients’ children into account, with a hidden padded ‘forestal’ lounge for the children to play in nestled beneath a bed that cantilevers over the floor. Sufficient legroom has been maintained to create a generous desk as the family grows up and requires dedicated workspace but at this time, the space is reserved for the kids to play.

Swathes of rich wood cascade throughout the home, with a CNC-carved kit of timber parts used throughout. The bedrest is finished with cross-grain walnut and its grain selected to remind the client of the mountain formations in their hometown of Guilin, China. There are also delicately carved flowers in the wood which add further texture to this unique home.

Continuous lines flow like ribbons through the house, beginning with a sinuous handrail, up the stairs and around an elaborate doorway to a cosy bedroom upstairs. Slender CNC-carved oak lines seep across the ceiling and walls, forming finger-like projections of functional value. This warm and welcoming home is truly deserving of its many accolades.  

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