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Friday 15 Nov 2013

Non-profit Article 25 prepares for its annual 10 x 10 charity auction in London

Non-profit organisation Article 25 is hosting its annual 10 x 10 Drawing the City auction at the end of November to raise money for its charitable efforts. The team has split a map of East London into a 10 x 10 grid and allocated each square to 1 of 100 prominent architects and artists. These artists were then asked to create an artwork for auction depicting their the site.

Online bidding for the artworks is currently underway with the official auction to be held at King’s Cross on 28 November. A selection of artwork available during the auction is shown to the left and the full gallery can be seen here. The following explanations are given by the artists for their compositions:

Jenny Harborne - View from Curtain Road

I was struck by the mirroring of shapes from past and present, and the light angles. I tried some other views and buildings of interest in my square but this one retained its power.

Chris Choa - City Road at Worship Street

On a gloomy day, the sun briefly breaks through; there’s suddenly brightness, and it seems like #1 City Road forces the pavement to split.  Then it’s just shadows again.

Chris Wilkinson - St Luke’s Church, Shoreditch

This elegant church designed by George Dance the Younger and built in about 1784 has been through many different uses and is now a concert hall used by the London Symphony Orchestra. Set back from the busy Old Street, it sits in a tranquil garden, surrounded by tall trees which partially obscure it from view. However, the elegant tower with its fluted spire, makes a strong architectural statement in an area of indifferent post WWII redevelopment. I enjoyed a few quiet moments sketching in the afternoon, adding some watercolour to help bring it to life.

Derek Draper - Plumb Perps

I knew straight away that this would be the subject of the drawing. A study of surface on the Victorian arches where Club Row's murals travel out onto Bethnal Green Road. Layers build up on the city’s fabric and as one artwork fades another overlaps. This was an opportunity to capture a fleeting moment in the city’s changing landscape.

Giles Charlton - 2x2 Coffee, curry, leather and beigels

Brick Lane is an ever changing kaleidoscope of urban life. This mini-series of watercolour sketches are a an endeavour to capture some of the diversity of this streetscape and to also tell a little of its history.  How coffee, curry, leather and beigels came to be part of an everyday street scene is a fascinating story that reflects the rich cultural heritage of the area and how that now contributes to the buzz of contemporary Shoreditch life.

Peter Murray - Exchange Square Broadgate

Exchange House, designed by SOM, which spans the railway tracks coming out of Liverpool Street station is one of the city's most dynamic pieces of architecture. The grand arch which springs from granite plinths at either end of the building signals its bridge-like function. The Square is host to regular events and the drawing shows a game of croquet in progress, watched by a lunchtime audience of local workers and, to the left, Stuart Lipton who was responsible for the original development. The drawing attempts to reflect the dynamic nature of the building and the public space it encloses.

Roger FitzGerald - Untitled

I have tried to capture Brick Lane, full of colour and life: the restaurants and food stalls, multiple signs, adhoc street music, tempting smells, the bustle of people.  As well as acrylic paint and black ink, the painting incorporates a collage of discarded menus, bags, cutlery, tickets, labels, the cover and extracts from Monica Ali's book "Brick Lane", and remnants of a palette knife which broke whilst creating the painting, and the blade used to create the painting - included to represent the sharp edginess of the place.

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