Designed by atelie*r + Bereal, the new patisserie for pastry chef Antoine in the French region of Bordeaux is an example of poise, precision and quality. The space acts as a vessel to showcase the pastry creations. As an interior space, it had a complicated geometry which was resolved by adapting the perimeter into faceted geometric volumes similar to that of a precious gem. Within this volume the structural and mechanical elements were hidden. The reflection encapsulates the thread of this concept, reflecting the products in the displays, walls and ceilings.

The designers (Oscar Engroba + Berry Sokombe) created a geometric moulding where a long refrigerated display was located at eye level. By placing a steel sheet behind it the cakes can be viewed in their entirety. On top of this material, a black background conceals the refrigeration systems.

The checkout area is encountered by continuing along this functional ‘wall'. Just like the previous display, it is resolved as a geometric moulding of the structure in order to frame the sales area.

To break the continuity, the display for the ‘petit fours' and ‘macaroons' is arranged so that a transit space is created within the checkout area and behind it the preparation area for the macaroons.

Another ‘faceted stone' emerges closing the space, which allows for the wide variety of chocolates to be displayed. Two levitating elements are created on the wall that faces the exterior.

The careful selection of traditional and contemporary materials and the reduced chromatic palette, consisting of black, white and grey shades, allow the produce to stand out. All the modules are made of a metallic structure that is encased in a resin finish, which adds resistance and luminosity to the space.

A carpet of hexagonal mosaic that is elevated into the central pillar recovers the tradition of the old patisserie but adapted to a contemporary setting. In contrast to the matte finish of the resin, the ceiling is a black mirror which is supported by a tensile ceiling that adapts to the lighting system.

Finally, the centre space is sprinkled with ‘totems' that exhibit the products and resemble slices of cake, bringing a degree of warmth and contrast to the space due to their finish in various kinds of wood.

The harmony achieved by the space is also accomplished by an illumination system that, during the night, transforms the space into a decoy of slow lights that divert pedestrians' attention into the shop.

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