Workshop Coffee is an independent café located on Clerkenwell Road, London. Although the café is popular with local Clerkenwell creatives, the existing lighting solution failed to effectively balance natural and artificial light. 

To attract more customers and enhance the café's atmosphere, without making any changes to the existing interior design, Workshop Coffee appointed Paul Nulty Lighting Design (PNLD) to create a lighting scheme that would brighten up and complement the existing space whilst providing additional flexibility, turning the space from daytime café to romantic bistro in the evening.

In-keeping with the interior design whilst working to a modest budget, PNLD predominantly used reclaimed light fittings to reinforce the industrial atmosphere - 25% of the original fixtures were re-used.  A cluster of pendants is positioned over the ground floor counter, re-using pre-existing squirrel cage luminaires, which work well with daylight to provide balance and permeability. 

Composition was important to the design team, particularly the contrast with daylight. PNLD sought to address this by using lighting fixtures with exposed lamps that are easily visible in daylight. In this instance the luminaire was chosen for both functionality of light. It is this key design decision that ensures the space always feels open and bright. 

A key element of the project was successfully creating a scheme that could adapt from day to night. During the day a relaxed, light space is created for customers by maximising on the daylight entering the building. In the evening, the space is transformed with the use of contrast and accent lighting, directed onto the tables and shelving units, creating an intimate atmosphere. Unshielded light sources are positioned over both ground floor and first floor bar counters to create visual focal points. 






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