On Saturday, August 10, 2013, the Between Time Showcase opened to the public. For six weeks, this elaborate constellation of fine furnishings, unique vintage designs and contemporary art was presented in one of Berlin's remaining time capsules of 19th century architecture.

Together with selected partners, the curators transformed the grand showroom of Berlin's forgotten jewel, Wallstrasse 85, into a sumptuous collection of magnificent still-life tableaux.

Here design pearls from many eras waltzed together across space and time, amid the gorgeously decayed splendour of this 19th century architectural gem. Scheduled for complete renovation in the near future, the Between Time Showcase was one of the final opportunities for the public to bask in the decaying splendour of this architectural treasure.

The Between Time Showcase, curated by internationally renowned interior architect Gisbert Pöppler and vintage furniture dealer Erik Hofstetter, was an independent event like no other. 

Unencumbered by the dictates of a specific manufacturer's agenda, the curators were free to create their own choreographed moment where fabric, furniture, art and designs from across time are brought together in a lavish setting, rich in its own layered history. 

Breaking from conventions of the typical showroom mono-culture, the curators Pöppler & Hofstetter created a lavish world poised at the intersection of interior architecture studio, fine art gallery and home furnishings boutique; embellished with an alchemical mix of hand selected design elements.

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