The future of Feng Tai

Tuesday 05 Nov 2013

Studio Marco Piva commissioned for triplet of plots in Feng Tai Financial District, China

Studio Marco Piva, together with its Chinese Partner DGI Design, was asked to look at a series of three plots in Feng Tai’s future financial centre and suggest ways in which the area could be enhanced.

The proposal made by Studio Marco Piva and DGI Design aims to maximise land use without sacrificing green space, creating solutions that will make Feng Tai both an international focus and a sustainable city of the future. A resulting proposal for the city centre works within existing urban parameters but creates a new type of living and working environment for the area.

The essence of the concept is to create a fusion of functional elements; to create a place that is in contact with the vital structure of Beijing but also a place of excellence for itself, providing residential, cultural and commercial aspects for the local community. The design suggests a space that is a complete organism, almost autonomous, but that works in synergy with the wider context of the city.

The project involves the development of three towers, two of which are 200m high while and the other stands at 180m. From a functional point of view, the three towers will house a variety of activities, from shopping malls to hotels, and convention centres to meeting spaces. A platform connects the three plots, promoting cultural exchange and social development.

The project, presented in October 2013 and accepted by the local authorities, will be subject to competition from Chinese investors for its development.

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