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Tuesday 24 Sep 2013

FIGMENT, ENYA, and SEAoNY announce five finalists for 2013-2014 City of Dreams Pavilion Design Competition in New York

FIGMENT has teamed with the Emerging New York Architects Committee (ENYA) of the American Institute of Architects New York Chapter (AIANY) and the Structural Engineers Association of New York (SEAoNY) to host a competition to design and construct an architectural pavilion on Governors Island. The 2013-2014 City of Dreams Pavilion will be the end-product of this competition's fourth cycle, to be installed on Governors Island for the 2014 summer season, from mid-June through late September. This competition was published by the WAN Business Information Service.

The finalists for the 2013-2014 City of Dreams Pavilion Design Competition:

- ArtCloud by IKAR
- Dreamcatcher by ManifoldArchitectureStudio
- Governor's Cup by CDR Studio with Sustainable Engineering Services
- MÖBI water tower pavilion by STUDIO V Architecture with FTL Design Engineering Studio and Plaxall
- Urban Accordion by afoam

The City of Dreams Pavilion will be a gathering place for people to meet, learn about the arts programs on the island, enjoy a performance or lecture, and experience the interaction of art and the historic context of Governors Island. Our theme for the pavilion, the City of Dreams, points toward the future.

ArtCloud by IKAR

The future of the city will be determined by a creative mix of technology and culture, and an even more creative reuse of materials. As cities are an amazingly rich source of materials, ArtCloud Pavilion reuses clapboards and transforms them into a free-form structure that is composed for 99% with modules. The system allows visitors to choose and personalize their own piece of ArtCloud. Modular architecture makes people more carefully consider issues of optimization and prefabrication, and saves time and energy during construction. Without a doubt ArtCloud is a direct path to wiser thinking about sustainable living.

Dreamcatcher by ManifoldArchitectureStudio

Dreamcatcher, a pavilion where imaginations are lifted, elevating your dreams, captures dreams at the idyllic meeting point of Governors Island, where people from all parts of New York can gather and encounter an
experience unlike any other. We are proposing a simple, circular, lightweight structure that captures a changing collection of balloons. Why balloons? Because they're joyful, uplifting and downright dreamy. Choose your shade, let your balloon go, and dream a little dream.

Governor's Cup by CDR Studio with Sustainable Engineering Services

The Governor's Cup Pavilion hovers in a cluster of trees on the northern side of the Parade Ground. Recycled plastic cups, sourced and discarded throughout the city, are supported by zip-ties from overhead cables, forming a dense, knitted structure unspooling from the branches.
Strapping and turn-buckled cabling leave the trees unscathed. Crocheted repurposed cups infill areas between the undulated tape structure and branches, creating an airborne topography and shadow play. The configuration forms an outdoor room, shimmering in the sun and echoing with breeze-driven sound. The Greenpoint non-profit Arts@Renaissance will claim the Pavilion for their courtyard gallery space.

MÖBI water tower pavilion by STUDIO V Architecture with FTL Design Engineering Studio and Plaxall

Inspired by the infinite surfaces and curves of a Möbius strip, MÖBI water tower pavilion expresses the potential of adaptation, life cycle, and reuse of materials in the urban landscape. New York City's ubiquitous and iconic water towers are transformed through STUDIO V's design into a gathering space that celebrates Governors Island. Constructed from recycled redwood and cedar planks rescued from decommissioned water tanks, MÖBI offers a pre-fabricated, ecological construction process and multi-use environment that will afterwards be repurposed yet again-as wooden deck and furniture for our design for the LIC Biergarten. Much like Governors Island, MÖBI is designed for continuous adaptation and interpretation to serve the NYC community.

Urban Accordion by afoam

Our present city is overrun by private buildings, limiting access to public space. Urban Accordion is a microcosm of an alternate urban condition: a City of Dreams. Four fabric 'blocks' expand and contract, creating different levels of enclosure to suit a range of programming, while the space contained by the structures forms a larger communal area for events and chance encounters between the juxtaposed programs. Urban Accordion is a new urban condition: a flexible assembly for serendipity and public events that fluctuates to meet users' demands.


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