Seeing stars in Beijing

Friday 06 Sep 2013

Japanese architects SAKO design five-pronged asterisk-shaped winery in China

On a small island in the middle of a lake in Beijing, Japanese architects SAKO have completed an inventive winery project for Park Hotel Management Ltd based on the shape of the asterisk (*), a symbol often used to mark a footnote in a formal document. There is only one road to provide access to the Asterisk Winery which crosses over the lake via a small bridge.

Unlike the traditional asterisk shape, the 22,000 sq ft winery has five prongs rather than six, giving a form more similar to that of a starfish. Each of the five projections hosts a different function, meeting in a central space whose ceiling is the highest point in the complex.

This central point sports a glorious ceiling feature formed by a series of circles through which natural light can penetrate. The central volume is dotted with sofas where visitors can mingle in an informal setting. Branching off from this core space are a wine showroom, restaurant and relaxing volumes from which users can enjoy the surrounding natural beauty while tasting the wines on offer.

Between the five finger-like projections are sheltered open-air areas for events such as wine exhibitions or weddings, each of which it is possible to view through the wide window panes that puncture the Selangan Batu timber facades. 

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