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Wednesday 28 Aug 2013

Avery Associates engages with London Airport debate with plans for Stansted

Together with Michael Shabas and Brian Waters, Avery Associates Architects entered London’s airport debate with a proposal for a new fast Crossrail connection to Stansted. Their proposal reads thus:

"To us, it seems that the only sensible place to put a new hub airport for the UK is as close to the centre of the country’s population as possible and of all the alternatives the best answer therefore has to be Stansted. Only there can a new hub interlink with both London and the southeast and with the midlands and the north.

"Brian Waters and Michael Shabas have been working on the idea of extending Crossrail to the airport for some years, as published in 'Planning in London' October 2012. They have made submissions to the Davies Commission. That by BWCP is illustrated by this design by Bryan Avery of Avery Associates.

"The principle is that Stansted would be expanded as Heathrow is wound down with a capacity ultimately for four runways. These would be served by the existing terminal and a very much larger new one alongside for the premium carriers plus three new stand-alone small terminals for the budget airlines all interlinked by a rapid transit system. The whole airport would be landscaped, inside and out to bring natural greenery into what normally is a very harsh, hard-surfaced environment.

"A development such as this at Stansted would then open up the further possibility of linking Stansted with the international research facilities at Cambridge and thereby create a dynamic new centre of excellence for UK industries and integrate the current proposals for new settlements in the Cambridge London belt into a cohesive future strategy." 

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