Dust to dust...

21 Aug 2013

Private residence in Rome designed by Antonino Cardillo as a celebration of dust

Architect Antonino Cardillo has shared his latest private residence project with WAN. The 1,076 sq ft abode is a modest scheme in Rome, Italy and has inspired two additional artworks in the form of a short film and poem. The poem is included below and has been penned by Antonino Cardillo himself while the film, also below, was devised by Pasquale Marino, Valentina Belli and Gianandrea Caruso.

This private residence was inspired by dust and as such uses rustic materials for a raw and natural aesthetic. With a light grey décor, the living room sports a plaster ceiling in earthy tones while passages and windows are sunken into base ‘like carvings in a baguette’. In direct contrast to the highly textured ceilings which snake throughout the home, the walls are smooth and often disguise hidden doors or cupboards for a minimalist approach.

Many doorways are kept narrow and tall, framing the corridors and rooms beyond. Cardillo refers to fourteenth century Italian paintings as an inspiration for the archways that recur throughout his design, one leading through to a pale pink room which features ‘Triumviro’ tables designed by the architect himself.

House of Dust by Antonino Cardillo

Architecture is dust.
Dust that becomes form,
Dust transfigured by the mind.

Dust is memory so dust is also death.
Ancestral memory of death,
Dust refers to the beginnings.

That modernity that disowns sediment,
That shaves walls, that sanitises space;
That modernity that disowns dust,
Disowns even death.

Deprived of memory,
And so slave to a credible youth,
Ignoring its end, it repeats itself;
Without end.

In this house classical orders
And golden proportions celebrate dust:
Angels and choirs have abandoned Heaven,
And Heaven has adorned itself with earth.

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