White Forest in Yokohama, Japan, is a new exhibition of contemporary spatial art by MoNo architectural office. The theme was to decorate the interior space of Ehrisman House – an old Western style house authorized by the city government as historical architecture – transforming the inside with a Japanese garden method of the “Harmony of Flower and Table” festival.

The designers, Fumiaki Nagashima and Mami Maruoka Nagashima, created an inner-garden to escape from this ordinary house, using industrial products juxtaposed with fresh white flowers and plants.

The festival, held every June in city-owned historical houses in Yokohama, sees 7 artist teams exhibit their art under the theme of fresh flower and table decoration design. The 2013 festival was won by MoNo for their lasted exhibition of contemporary art within a historical space.

White Forest is based on a fictional tale of the trees surrounding Ehrisman House extending within the interior space. Two kinds of flowers were use – one was paper art as a nostalgic analogy of the 1980s period house, and the other was living plants to present the lives of the inhabitants.

The charming exhibition used the life of fresh flowers, table decoration and spatial art to bring life to forgotten interior spaces.

View a film of the project online here.

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