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Wednesday 31 Jul 2013

Sparkling facade of winning Aedas tower takes inspiration from media screens

Aedas has won a competition to design a 155m-high office tower in Shanghai as part of a 9-block district. Three of the blocks in the district have already been scooped up by DreamWorks Animation and the occupants of the Aedas-designed block-wide tower will have view over the DreamWorks cluster.

80% of the Xuhui Binjian Media City 188S-G-1 Tower and Podium designed by Aedas will be leased while the developer will retain 20% of the available space. Completion of the 33-storey structure is due in 2015.

The building starts with a rectangular base which slowly twists on its central axis as it rises, causing many internet users to compare its exterior form to the recently-unveiled Beach and Howe tower in Vancouver by BIG and DIALOG.

A quote from Aedas reads: “It begins with an extruded rectangular plan. Going upward, the west wall is gradually warped to accommodate the subway setback that cuts off the corner of the otherwise square project site; and the north wall is warped to the east.”

Where the base of the tower meets the urban fabric Aedas have designed a separate podium platform for a medley of retail, restaurant and café units. The podium sports a warped canopy in reflection of the tower above and will offer shelter for outdoor events.

The façade of the building draws its inspiration from the idea of a media screen. Clusters of three glass panels angled in one of four directions are designed to catch the light and make the tower shine like a diamond.  

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