Facade facelift for LA office

Wednesday 19 Jun 2013

UNIFORM-ARC transforms commercial building on Pico Boulevard with concrete panels striped through with magenta tones

­The design proposal was called for a facelift of an existing office space on Pico Boulevard in West Los Angeles, California.  The project is located in a heavily trafficked boulevard of Los Angeles California, which in turn had a direct influence on the concept design.

To keep construction time short, a new façade was proposed over and in front of the existing building. Zoning code allowed a very narrow space for a freestanding façade to stand in front of the existing front wall. To keep costs low, UNIFORM-ARC utilised a 4’ x 8’ cement board sheet cut into four panels of equal geometry, and reused the four left over small panels as the magenta accents that create the three-dimensionality of the façade. 

The entire 4’ x 8’ cement board sheet was used with nothing wasted.  The panels were assembled and attached to an alternating frame system that allowed the panels to undulate throughout the façade.  The frame system was then attached to the structure of the existing building.

The concept for the folded cement board facade is based on the notorious traffic experience in Los Angeles. UNIFORM-ARCproposed that this new design could interface directly with drivers, providing different experiences based on the daily repetition of commuting.

Angled panels with magenta accents provide the three-dimensionality of the façade by allowing westbound traffic to see the magenta pattern, while returning eastbound traffic to only see the subdue solid portion of the facade. The design allows for a different experience as the user moves across the façade. Depending on the location of user, he/she might experience a different pattern, geometry and ultimately a different affect.

Built as a design-build project, UNIFORM-ARC contributed to the design, construction management as well as the manufacturing of the three-dimensional panels and frame system.  UNIFORM-ARC is a Los Angeles CA and Dallas TX based company, which focuses in Architecture, Real Estate Development, and Construction Management.

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