The building houses many embassies and offices of government ministers and public personas. In order to match the design to the residents we chose a design concept that appears to flow organically from the roots upwards, exposing historical layers.

The solution devised is manifested in two perpendicular walls that create a vertical, horizontal, and three-dimensional language. We chose an image of twisted wood combined with light, natural dynamic elements. One wall is vertical, symbolising eternal growth, and another is horizontal, symbolizing eternal being.

The lobby itself has two linear foci: the reception area and the sitting area. It combines sculptured wood with a gray-silvery finish, flowing in contrasting directions and creating both similarity and diversity with a play of light. The shades of the furniture, floor, and blinds create a rich but quiet texture. During the work process we discovered that the space of the mid-level floor is not utilised and its only designation is to create continuous movement when descending the stairs. Thus, it was possible to open the inner space upwards, leaving a route for descending the stairs through a transparent balcony.

All structures of the Amot Company are unique for the three-dimensional art that covers the walls, transforming them into an architectural language linked to the essence and nature of the building. 

Key Facts:

Interior Commercial Offices

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