Opened in Uijeongbu, South Korea in April, 2012, the Shinsegae Department Store with a total floor area of 145,000m2 contributes to the regional economic growth while enriching the lifestyle of local residents. 

Together with the architecture, lighting serves an important role to transform the store into a dynamic showcase for fashion, beauty, lifestyle, design and art. 

The lighting design is executed in a way to provide customers an uplifting experience. The light sources are integrated as much as possible within the fabric of the interior or in display units to create desired lighting effects either on building surfaces or on displayed products. 

The LED back-lit wall in the backdrop of the escalator on the first floor is the main visual feature of the space. It defines the volume while creating a visual interest for the visitor, who enters the building and helps linking the floors above together.  

The food hall lighting design aimed to create a relaxing atmosphere for the visitors for dining as well as strong accent lighting on the food displays.  The LED lighting over the drop ceiling helps visually defining the areas. The seating/tables are illuminated with recessed low voltage downlights with additional decorative pendants to create visually relaxing, warm atmosphere.  

Serving as a main entrance to the store from the station, the lighting for 3rd floor entrance is to create a visually inviting scene, encouraging people to visit the store. Two large custom designed chandeliers at the floor entrance enrich the grandeur view of the space. The barrel vault ceiling in cosmetics and jewellery sections are uplighted with linear fluorescent lights concealed in coves to maximise the visual perception of the large vaulted ceiling.   

The Deli lighting includes track mounted spot lights between the timber effect ceiling fins for accent lighting.  

The hand bag area is illuminated with recessed triple metal halide gimbals and metal halide spots located in ceiling slots.  Low level lighting in the form of LED strips integrated to the display shelves for accent lighting. 

Young casual fashion section accommodates a lighting scheme which was influenced from theatrical lighting by introducing track mounted large projectors providing high contrasts on the products in comparison to general ambient lighting.  The adjacent circulation areas to the young fashion and sport sections provided with artificial roof lights, resembles an outdoor space with daylight. It helps creating strong visual cues of being connected to the nature. 

Men's fashion floor is illuminated with groups of recessed metal halide downlights and track mounted spots to the perimeter slots. The layered ceiling feature over the circulation areas is integrated with linear fluorescent light sources to imitate little daylight penetrations to the space. The light boxes are provided in the ceiling at the cross section of the circulation and other key areas to emphasize these points.

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