Juicy Couture London

Friday 14 Jun 2013

The chandelier, measuring an impressive 1.7m, forms the focal point of the ground-floor scheme.

Prop Studios Designs Giant Chandelier for Juicy Couture Flagship Store

The brief given to MRA Architecture & Interior Design and PNLD was to create an environment that reflected Juicy Couture’s updated aesthetic, highlighting couture elements, while retaining the label’s signature LA style and creating the impression of a beautiful, intricate ‘jewel box’. Created by MRA, the interior concept and furniture for this flagship store combine grand details with modern glamour. Central to the lavish salon style is the spectacular, oversized ‘candelabra’ shaped chandelier, designed specifically for the Regent Street store. Conceived by Juicy Couture, MRA and PNLD, with final design and manufacture by Prop Studios, the chandelier forms the focal point of the ground-floor scheme. Measuring 1.7m and encircled by a handmade plaster oval ring - a contemporary take on the ceiling rose - it is generously scaled to suit the double-height space.

The chandelier has an elegant central column made from turned tulipwood and finished in an aged gold-leaf effect. From this central piece hang three tiers, the arms of which are encrusted with small crystal beads. The rest of the piece is dressed with crystal sourced from Austria, including hand-strung crystal and chain, crystal teardrops and rosettes. It is completed with a central round finial hung from its base, measuring 10cm in diameter. The design evolved due to the client’s desire to emphasise the effect of the crystals. The arms were made from hand-bent pipe, with candle holders for the lamps being nitrogen-cut from mild steel. Hundreds of spherical crystals threaded onto brass wire encrust the chandelier arms. A key element of innovation came in the construction. Site access posed logistical difficulties and to overcome these, the chandelier was designed to be “collapsible”. This allowed it to be manoeuvred through the narrow doorway - the sole access to the store.

The candelabra provides key lighting positions. It is fitted with dimmable LED candle lamps that provide visual interest and sparkle, while the plaster ring incorporates adjustable spotlights providing accent lighting to the displays below. Concealed cold cathode lighting illuminates the ceiling, providing a bright, airy aesthetic and soft ambient light. Through the use of beautiful and sustainable materials, such as tulipwood, elements such as fine glass crystals, and detailing with finishes of old gold, the chandelier successfully communicates Juicy Couture’s updated ‘jewel box’ aesthetic and the playful luxury the brand represents. The chandelier was completed to schedule the first week of July and installed on 6th July 2012.

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