The Hayovel Tower was built above the entrance to the government office complex in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The building houses both government offices and private businesses, in order to differentiate the two spaces, two towers within the one the design created a distinctive lobby with a clear separate entrance.

In the planning process the designers needed to find a solution for the wall of a giant stairwell that was obstructing the passage to the elevator area. They used the stair slope angle and head height and cut into the wall accordingly. In this way they managed to widen the passage while creating a multilevel environmental sculpture growing upwards from the floor of the building and simulating an organic spatial experience, unlike any found in standard buildings. The sculpted wall conceals the heavy staircase that previously blocked its surroundings and creates a different experience of the surroundings.

All the visual accessories merge into one functional line and include a strong element of light flow in the form of lighting tracks located in sculpted ceiling recesses and concealed lighting projected onto the sculpted wall, combining the air-conditioning vents and the black floor with which the building is edged.

In the front of the lobby they planned a café that merges with its surroundings. They also minimised the massive effect of the pillars in the center of the lobby by using glass plating and reinforcing the reflections.

Contemporary materials were chosen for the design of the lobby, mainly illuminated glass, plaster, and wood.

All components of the programmatic planning and sculpture design, planning of the lighting and integration of all the ceiling systems, were executed at the Alisa Sheinson Studio and individually designed and planned by Alisa Sheinson Matalon.

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