Sky Skills Studios, is a free interactive learning experience set at a new sustainable broadcast centre in West London.

The interactive centre allows a unique opportunity for students to write, shoot and edit their own television reports.

The design brief from the client was quite clear that the lighting design had to be based on energy efficiency, sustainable sources with flexibility yet maintaining the ‘WOW' factor within the scheme!

Studios space comprises of four interactive TV studios with green screens, a central production space and a dressing room.

The dressing room are illuminated by a large landscape vanity mirror surrounded by an array of LED golf ball lamps.

The central core production space consists of a suspended light box, which is backlit by strings of RGB LED, which is DMX controlled over several channels, this enables the lighting to morph through varying hues of colour.

Offset from the central Light box a lighting truss supports a series of RGB automated fixtures, which are programmed to wash the central floor in vibrant contrasting hues of colour which helps add a dramatic TV studio, feel to the space.

The four interactive studios around the perimeter of the space are externally glazed and edge lit with RGBA LED strips from the top and the bottom of the glazing.

Each studio is fully equipped with energy efficient LED based light sources for lighting of the green screen space, which includes soft lights & Fresnel key and back lights.

Architectural feature lighting includes RGB LED strips set into the walls, control desks and floating ceilings above the individual interactive edit suites. General task lighting to the edit suites comes from recessed LED down lights.

By utilising entirely LED light sources the lighting design has adhered closely to the energy conservation and sustainability requirement.

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