The former site of the Middlesex Hospital, Fitzroy Place is a special site, positioned in a very special part of London.

A concious mix of commercial, hospitality, retail and residential, there are 230 apartments ranging from suites to 3 bedroom apartments  and a small number of penthouses. In total an area of 29000 sq m of residential.

Close to everything, from the West end to Eurostar, this neighbourhood is the result of layers of history -  planning, people, creative minds and lifestyle.Connected to its context, the thresholds are an important meeting on the journey home. Public London street to private sanctuary. The apartments interior spaces are designed to be a natural extension of the collage. 

The interior landscape is relaxed in planning, using space, view and light in a seemingly effortless way. Spaces fold one into another, lighting sculpts the space, and materials are authentic and used for their inherent properties. Special timber floors, large areas of simple panelling, a soft palette of colour, all used to create a private sanctuary in this special London. A kitchen that at one time is 'efficient' but responds naturally for 'entertaining', never isolated from the life of the apartment. Bathrooms of authentic elegant materials, looking simple and effortless but ready for a fast 'refresh' or a slow 'indulgence'.

The apartments are a backdrop to the unique context of living in the new Fitzrovia. Remembering and reminding of why it's special to THIS London and reflecting the past collage of buildings, spaces, and most importantly the people and their creativity, and translating this into the future of Fitzroy Place.

Key Facts:

Interior Residential
United Kingdom

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