A fitting tribute in Ohio

Thursday 09 May 2013

Ohio Statehouse Holocaust Memorial Artist Selection Committee chooses Libeskind

Daniel Libeskind has been selected over Ann Hamilton and Jaume Plensa to design the Ohio Statehouse Holocaust Memorial reports local news outlet Columbus Dispatch. Following a meeting of the Ohio Statehouse Holocaust Memorial Artist Selection Committee on Monday 6 May, Libeskind’s brushed stainless steel design will now go before the Holocaust Memorial Site Committee for final approval.

Ginger Warner, co-chair of the Holocaust Memorial Artist Selection Committee and Vice Chair of the Ohio Arts Council Board told the publication: “Although the decision to pick one [design] was difficult, after serious discussion the committee quickly agreed upon the selection of Studio Daniel Libeskind. His proposal best fulfilled the project’s mission and also provided the best opportunity to educate the public on man’s inhumanity to man.”

Libeskind’s concept centres on a pair of vertical stainless steel blocks separated by a small gap through which visitors can view the skyline of downtown Columbus. The split between the two rectangular forms channels upwards to the cut-out of six-pointed star and a story from an Auschwitz survivor is embossed across the pair of blocks. A path that leads to the memorial is defined by a stone wall along which will be an inspirational quote about the survivors of Auschwitz.

The brief given to competition entrants was to create a fitting tribute to those who lost their lives during the Holocaust and those who fought for their liberation during World War II. On another level, the memorial must also guide onlookers to ‘think and act differently in the face of discrimination, hatred, anti-Semitism and genocide’ and ‘provide enlightenment on man’s inhumanity to man’.

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