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Friday 26 Apr 2013

Biscoe Wilson Architects-designed residence resurrected from the Brisbane 2011 Flood

Element 10 is an expansive new residence located on the Indooroopilly Reach of the Brisbane River. Originally completed in 2005 the Biscoe Wilson Architects-designed house was flooded in the Brisbane 2011 flood.

After a 12 month refurbishment and addition project the house has been restored to its original form with some new improvements. The design of the house seeks to create spaces in which the benefits of being close to the river - breezes, open vistas and intimate glimpses can be experienced.

A ‘public’, double height spine connects the front, street side courtyard area, through the house, to the river. The principle living areas are located along the river edge and open out onto the riverside with a series of open terraces and platforms. A series of specific rooms that accommodate the particular activities called for by the client’s brief open off, and are orientated by, this ‘public’ spine.

Changes in materials and finishes, along with varying volumes are used to define the public and private parts of the house. These materials and finishes, which include timber, masonry, stone and stainless steel also contribute to the character and the experience of the house.

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