Bamboo cluster pavilions for expo site

Tuesday 23 Apr 2013

Government-commissioned plans for Shanghai Expo site show next generation of pavilions in major redevelopment scheme

This project for two new pavilions was commissioned by the Shanghai government with the intention of transforming the old expo area into a lively commercial area with new offices, shops and cafes. These designs are by 3GATTI Architecture Studio in Rome.

The specific site is the UBPA (Best Urban Practices) where in 2010 expo each city showed their best environmental commitment constructing very efficient buildings and pavilions. This ‘green’ intention was still an important parameter in the design brief for the two new pavilions together with the simple functional program of three spaces expandable to four, for cafes and restaurants to serve the new commercial area.

The design concept is very simple and clear: a tenuous but dense group of bamboo bearing heavy concrete slabs. In reality this bamboo forest is actually hiding the real structural pillars and walls like the ones of the kitchen and toilet volumes. The main functions of the bamboo is to create screens and filters between interior spaces, between interior and exterior, parapets at the higher floor and filters for the sunlight.

The site is surrounded by high-rise buildings from where it will be possible to enjoy the pavilions roofs filled with water; those roof pools will stop people on the terrace islands from walking to the edge and falling down or to stop the sun light and the external temperature to enter into the building.

Both pavilions are perforated by circular gardens courtyards of different sizes making a very interesting section and creating intimate dining areas in-between different cylindrical openings. Each garden will have trees that will perforate all the building volume emerging on the water roof terrace creating an unusual but natural architectural landscape.

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