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Friday 22 Feb 2013

An old ambulance gains a new life as a part of a new children's playground in Malawi

Dutch designers Luc van Hoeckel and Pim van Baarsen have recently completed the transformation of a parking space into a playground for disabled Children in Malawi. The playground is located a the side of Beit Cure hospital Blantyre, who specialise in orthopaedic treatments. 

In co-operation with Sakaramenta, a social business in Malawi, van Hoeckel and van Baarsen created this play area using a series of recycled materials. This is particularly evident in the shell of an old ambulance which has been cleared and repainted to form part of a climbing frame and playground clubhouse which the paediatric patients (and their families) can use as a hideout.

In addition to the ambulance, there are other playground equipment which all are characterised by the creative use of old, recycled materials including car tires, springs and axles.

The playground is also open to members of the public which enables the young patients of the hospital to get back in contact with children from the surrounding area. The whole playground has been made wheelchair-accessible through the use of appropriate concrete pavements and ramps around the site.

Jessica Tang

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