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Tuesday 05 Feb 2013

Angular Enota-designed Podcetrtek Traffic Circle erupts from the ground Slovenia

A traffic circle structure using distinctive concrete blocks has been constructed in Podcetrtek, Slovenia. The 380 sq m structure was designed by Ljubljana-based architectural firm Enota and completed in 2012. Located on a busy road, the structure is situated between the local sports hall with open-air sports grounds on one side and a thermal spa centre with numerous swimming pools and hotels on the other side.

It is primarily intended to slow down the traffic in this busy area as the main accesses to both complexes also connect to the traffic circle. Due to its positioning, the design of the roundabout’s central island calls to mind the appearance of the sports hall and the spa centre and stands at the entrance to both of the facilities.

The heavy nature of the blocks that make up the traffic circle reflect the monolithic appearance of the neighbouring sports hall which can be seen in the background of the photographs to the left. This angular arrangement has been mirrored in Enota’s composition with a jumble of concrete cubes with folded forms which erupt from the road.

Enota details: “The layout of the inner part of the roundabout as a whole suggests a tectonic shift somewhere beneath the Earth’s surface having caused the road surface to bloat and belch out the massive blocks. In combination with the water, which sporadically rises to the surface between the clefts, it is somewhat reminiscent of geyser-strewn basalt strata, its appearance thus also evoking the spa complex.”

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