Bringing outdoor living to London

Thursday 03 Jan 2013

Home blends old and new buildings with the inside and the out

This is a home for international clients bringing up their family in London. Having grown up in much warmer climates, with a culture of outdoor living, the aim was to give them a taste of home but adapted for the English weather.

The new space is organized around a large kitchen island unit that punches through the glass skin of the building, connecting the inside and outside. Two large pivot doors allow the best combination of clear uninterrupted views of the garden, and maximum openability. The garden was designed as an integral part of the overall concept. A new structural glass roof sits over the new dining space, flipping up as it connects with the original wall of the house, matching the exact pitch of the old lean structure. This allows new and old structures to 'lock' elegantly together, and to get maximum penetration of daylight into the deeper plan interiors.

The room above the kitchen was opened up into the roof structure making a fantastic tall study space. This also enabled the architects to lift the ceiling in the main kitchen space and insert a series of visible Douglas fir joists which lifts the eye and increases the sense of height.

As always, the space has lots of storage integrated. There is a boot room added in the darkest part of the plan with room for bikes etc, and in the main space a wall of storage hides homework spaces for the kids and lots of room for toys.

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United Kingdom

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