TYI Karaoke, China

TYI Karaoke

by Sarah 29 December 2012
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    TYI Karaoke is an entertainment venue in which guests may ease themselves and enjoy a marvellous time in a night world of fun and action. The design challenge was firstly to create a dynamic sense of effect. Secondly, to build a place for customers to relieve stress, and thirdly to arouse their interest in the venue and keep them in the right mood once they stepped  inside the Karaoke.

    Solutions to the challenge were three fold: 1) Stunning LED lighting refection elements. 2) Strong visual effect through the entrance, to the tunnel, corridors and karaoke rooms. 3) Only illusive designs by lighting effects.

    Successful incorporation of interior finishes and furnishings included the use of vivid lines, splendid patterns and vibrant colours to enrich a night world of fun and action.

    Benefits to the client were a unique place with attractions, such as starry entrance, tunnel and corridors, which may let customers maintain their high spirit once they enter the place; a wider choice of rooms which are in different sizes and shapes, e.g. curve, square and round, decorated with dramatic LED lightings; and the innovative lighting illusions may impress customers and eventually may urge them to revisit the Karaoke over again.


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