Glory Number One Restaurant, China

by Sarah 29 December 2012
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    Glory Number One The restaurant is situated inside a private clubhouse near to a river. The main design theme is aimed at presenting the nature in figurative terms. The presentation begins with a circular feature in the centre as the focal point with a number of VIP rooms in the surroundings; then, the swimming pool of the clubhouse in the exterior. It is intended to create a calm, cosy and relaxed atmosphere for the guests to enjoy their time on the islands.

    The design concept is Contemporary Design with the choice of colours in beige and light brown enhanced by black. The entrance is a spacious round-shape hall, decorated with twigs and birds made of glass in green colour to affect a vivid mood. Unlike the conventional design, there is no clear demarcation between the entrance and the dining areas; two of which are merged and interact with each other through the use of glass partitions.

    The ceiling is constructed with white aluminium boards scattered with irregular leafed-shaped openings, projecting a leafy shade by small spotlights and strips of LED above. The lighting system appears as if some small stars and meteors in the night sky. Geometrical or clean-lines design is adopted in the dining hall: square-shaped dining tables with round base are placed according to the circular features around the hall, the geometrical-shaped columns stand in the centre with fences of glass in between, V-shaped pattern of wooden floor, black beetle-shaped wall lamps on columns, and bright round bands of the lightings in the ceiling resemble the galaxy. They all help to enclose, to separate and to interact with each other in every corner of the hall.

    In addition to the main dining area, the restaurant contains of two other sections: VIP rooms of western cuisine and VIP rooms of Chinese cuisine, which are drawn separately by the light brown coloured corridor. Large VIP rooms are positioned next to the swimming pool with a superb panorama of the view. Guests may arrange having a private party in the room using the pool and at the same time enjoying the excellent cuisine. The smaller VIP rooms of western style are designed simply to give a feel of a private dining room. Irregular arrangement of pot plants is used to enliven the interior and add warmth to the atmosphere. The combination of plants and the curved ceilings of the same aluminium boards under the lightings form a different style of presentation: a green nature and the sky.

    Through the concept of admiring the nature, the designer uses different materials to translate the idea into reality. In a cold architectural environment, he adopts a new design concept to help express the feeling of the people towards the Mother Nature.


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