Nesting within a highland hill

Thursday 27 Dec 2012

Open and introvert space coexist in a wooden walled square

Skyward house is a unit built on highlands overlooking mountains to the south. Each housing unit is sufficiently large for a single person and specific parts inside are compact, creating a feeling of both security and a sense of openness. 

Two opposite kinds of space coexist in each housing unit: the first kind is the open ‘exterior room' with a wide opening, whereas the second type is the closed ‘interior room' with no window facing outside. The walls of the exterior room are the same as those outside, making the room full of light just like a balcony. The walls of the interior room are painted purely white, with natural light coming through a top light from outside creating shadows, and making the room a quiet space. The rooms are like two sides of the same coin with complex curved walls surrounding a bathroom, washroom, kitchen and a bedroom - neatly separating them.

The exterior is covered with wooden walls and roof and the penetrating horizontal finish line around the building is strict which acts to reconcile the conflict and fusion between the house and the environment.

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