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New office for the Guodian Ningxia Solar Company from BLVD

by James 27 December 2012
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    The Guodian Ningxia Solar Company mainly supplies polycrystalline silicone. The design target was to meet the corporate image and workplace requirements. The architecture, resembling a colourful diamond, on which a unique and striking abstract representation in built form of the shape of polycrystalline silicone minerals, achieving an unique architectural experience.

    The ecological solar energy introduces an eco-architecture concept to the design. The contemporary façade consisting of a series of galvanised corrugated plates with its vibrant mix of reds, pinks and shades of purple, lifts the architecture from its mundane grey surroundings and renders the building as a focal point for this environment.

    The traditional entrance directly in front of the building has been discarded and a pattern of green striking lines and pathways have been adopted to embrace the 'diamond' and the creation of an oasis-like island of nourishment in greenery compliments the architecture even further. Local plant species are planted to achieve overall landscape variation with season change.

    The broken lines of the terraces not only resolve the level difference at the entrance, but also form a tray in front of the diamond. When night falls, with ambience lighting, it resembles that a glittering diamond lies on the oasis.


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