Twists & turns in Lima

LYCS designs new terraced condo in Peru

by James 26 December 2012
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    Writhing Tower is a LYCS designed Sky Condo for one of the most beautiful residential zones in Lima, is a global architectural competition initiated by ARQUIA, an international development firm interested in commissioning architecture as art.

    Each unit is rotated 45 degrees to create a cruciform shape in plan and the appearance of a linear hinged volume. It enables each unit to have uninterrupted views to both the public park in front of the site, and the ocean to the rear of the site. Additionally, each unit has blocked views to the unit above and below it, so as to ensure privacy. Each unit is a two-storey townhouse, with a terrace for a garden with trees, and a pool with a deck.

    Due to the unique geometric play in the overall tower form, Each terrace is able to receive direct tropical sunshine and breeze. The curving metal soffit that connects each unit’s second floor plate to the underside of the unit above projects the user’s view out from the structure due to the way that the smooth surface blends the two box geometries together. Consequently, the hinged volume takes on the appearance of being twisted from unit to unit along the height of the structure.

    A mesh triangle is added to provide additional sun protection and synthetic connection to the curving form of the metal soffit. The project is an experimentation of contemporary design techniques, standing out against the existing, traditional urban tissue of Lima, Peru.


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