K5-house project: carefree living in the family home

Tuesday 25 Dec 2012

Creating a feeling of openness by considering the nature around us

House "Slow Life" is located in the city of Kurume, Japan which is rich in nature. The client wanted to live healthily and the concept of planning was to create a space to tie the residents of the house together.

The architect created a space with variations such as an earthen floor space hidden from the outside, and a little open space that leads from the living room to the deck by a hollowing in front of the Japanese-style room.

The house was designed to be lived in while also feeling the nature around it; a majestic feeling of openness that cannot be confined by a narrow and urban-feeling space. The house is a complete contrast to the surrounding buildings and landscape and is hoped to become the epicentre of a new lifestyle for the district.

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