B House over Thessaloniki

Exploiting views overlooking Mount Olympus

by Megan 22 December 2012 Interior
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    B house is a private residence designed for a four member family, located in a rural area at the east side of Thessaloniki, northern Greece. The house is built in a privileged spot, overlooking the gulf of Thermaikos, the city of Thessaloniki and Mount Olympus.

    The living room, the kitchen and a guest room on the ground floor have easy access to the garden with a barbeque and a pool. The private spaces of the house such as the master bedroom and the two children bedrooms are on the first floor. In the basement are storage spaces, a laundry and a gym.

    The three-block formation that composes the building reference bricks of Lego. The architects office25 explain, "our intention was to design a house that exploits all views without having traditional references in its form." Similarly, the colours are limited to white and grey on request of the client and therefore the use of exposed concrete, wood, aluminium and glass and further dimensions and texture to the house.

    The concept of energy was also important in the design process. The house is built on the north south axis and operates the north wind for cooling during the summer. Also, the double-insulated walls and the arrangement of the openings control of internal comfort conditions. The choice of geothermal heating helps towards this direction. A series of tubes exploits the rainwater for watering the garden, thus reducing running costs even more.


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