Signature 62-storey tower for Jinan

Jinan Cheda International Finance Center by John Portman & Associates takes shape

by Sian 13 December 2012
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    Construction is underway for the John Portman & Associates (JPA)-designed Jinan Cheda International Finance Center located in the heart of the Jinan’s central business district. Temporary buildings required at the project construction site have been completed with areas for office, living and production.

    The Jinan Cheda International Finance Center project will be a large-scale, mixed use space where a person can work, shop, dine and enjoy entertainment - all without leaving the site. While the different program components (Office, Observation, Restaurant and Retail) are distinct, the functions are conveniently integrated in a design that allows them to work well together. The composition of the complex is an excellent example of how order and variety can be achieved simultaneously. The three elegant office towers are a perfect accompaniment to the distinctive 309m-tall signature tower.

    A focal point for the Jinan Cheda International Financial Center is an intimate exhibition space with a sculptural form influenced by a traditional Chinese silver Yuan Bao or ingot. JPA Vice Chairman and CEO Jack Portman said: “We are pleased to collaborate with the Shandong Qide Real Estate Co. on such an impressive project and we are honoured to support the vision for an even stronger Jinan.”

    Strategically located at the heart of Jinan central business district and next to the connections of major subway lines, the Jinan Cheda International Finance Center project site consists of three adjacent lots (16, 17 & 18) immediately across from Citizen’s Park, a major public park in the Jinan East New Town district planned by the Municipal Government.


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