The city of Bietigheim Bissingen creates mall in historical protection area

Friday 23 Nov 2012

Medieval hub transformed into a retail mall

The City of Bietigheim Bissingen intended to reinforce the retail activities in the historic medieval heart of the city by transforming an administration building into a retail mall. The existing building complex, built in a historical "Heimat" Style in the early 20's, called for functional but mainly for architectural change though being in the middle of the historic monument protection area.

AldingerArchitekten proposed various strategies to resolve the multilayered proble: the U-shaped open courtyard was changed into an atrium typology with a covered central hall to provide interior retail and gathering space; the hall connects the upper and lower levels of Bietigheim's topography inside the building offering a new pathway to explore the historic city.

The design principle of adding parts legible as elements of contemporary architecture was established by connecting the U-wings to an atrium type and creating a loggia that faces the historical marketplace. A new main entrance was generated hiding the attractiveness of the retail spaces with a semi-transparent façade.

The material copper connects the architectural design tools of the Bietigheim Arcades. The gloss and patina of the material play with light and shade, with the surroundings and the building itself. A play with emotional integration and architectural self-confidence gives the design its own identity.

The AldingerArchitekten design proposals integrate historic and contemporary architectural elements creating a new entity.

Key Facts:

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