Altered skyline for Jakarta?

Wednesday 21 Nov 2012

MVRDV, The Jerde Partnership and Arup unveil ambitious amalgamation of volumes

This forward-thinking proposal by MVRDV (Rotterdam), The Jerde Partnership (Los Angeles) and ARUP (Dublin) is a competition entry for a prime development site in Jakarta. The scheme has already been presented to Peruri, the site owner, and if selected, will transform the existing block into a towering 400m-high mixed-use development comprising retail, office and residential units.

Co-Founder of Dutch practice MVRDV Winy Maas details: “Peruri 88 is vertical Jakarta. It represents a new, denser, social, green mini-city; a monument to the development of Jakarta as a modern icon literally raised from its own city fabric.”

The extreme silhouette of the Peruri 88 complex is typical of MVRDV’s expressive style. In the past, the studio has released some ambitious - and occasionally controversial - concepts, such as The Cloud in South Korea which was said by some to resemble the moment planes impacted the Twin Towers on 9/11, and The Balancing Barn which saw a cantilevered metal home inserted into the British countryside with a swing hanging from its end.

If selected by the site’s owners, Peruri 88 will introduce an array of retail, office and residential units into this prominent site and puncture Jakarta’s skyline with a highly recognisable silhouette. David Rogers, FAIA, Design Director at The Jerde Partnership details: “Our inspiration for the commercial podium and public spaces was Java’s natural setting - lush jungle and stone surrounded by expansive ocean.”

The design is being sold as a vertical city which pays heed to Jakarta’s need for more green spaces and densification. Each block will have a semi-public roof park accessible from the retail and commercial units via a series of escalators, with residents or employees also able to enjoy a variety of spas, gyms, swimming pools, gardens, playgrounds and al fresco dining options.

As part of the commercial podium there will be a central plaza sheltered from the wind by the stacked volumes of the building’s bulk, with layers of restaurants for users to enjoy. Rising above this from the 44th floor to the 86th floor will be the main high rise section which will be utilised as a luxury hotel. Higher still on the 88th floor will be a panoramic restaurant and viewing platform.

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