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Vertical farming and cultural expression at La Ferme Musicale in Niel, France

by Megan 16 November 2012
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    SOA architects have constructed an innovative structure which mixes together farming space (crop areas, work areas and technical facilities), an educational gallery and a musical stage.

    Nestled in the remains of a barracks in Niel, Music Farm is a hybrid structure which proposes multiple programs to the eyes of the visitors. Designed for the intersection of nature and culture, the project offers an unprecedented synthesis of vertical farming and cultural programs.

    This pilot scheme not only reintroduces complementary agricultural production in the heart of the city, but also creates a stage on which this innovation can be accompanied by arts, music and education. As a true emblem for any visionary city rooted in its time, such as Bordeaux, Farm Music responds to concerns about health, food, and even social ethics.

    In the occasion of an outdoor concert or during a visit to the educational gallery, the spaces invite passers-by to discover what is being produced and to reflect upon environmental issues related to agriculture.

    This level of education seems essential at a time when the production of food is relatively unknown to the consumer. All the operating techniques proposed and the food offered are traceable and both fully transparent.

    In the future extension of the structural promenade, cultural functions such as the semi-covered concert hall and the permeable exhibition space enable the existing building to be enclosed.

    In the background, one service provides access to local technical facilities which are dedicated to the operation of the Music Farm. In addition all auxiliary functions have been gathered in one area so full floors can be used more effectively.

    Finally, the spaces containing the cultural services have been created out of earth within a lightweight metal frame which benefits from maximum exposure to the sun, creating an almost 'supernatural' sensation inside.

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